siren image
Siren #:Siren TypeDate Checked:Siren Status
101Federal 2001May 2017No Up and Down Tone
Location:1250 Oak Rd
Directions:1/4 mile or so east of M-15 right on Clark St.
Notes:Atop a pole on S side of road. W of main entrance turn around. Its east of the main parking lot, between the school and the football field. Directly across the street from the football field.
Last CheckedStatusChecked ByComments
June 2014InoperableKD8VUIsiren not ready yet.
August 2014OperationalW8DEV
October 2014OperationalW8DEV
May 2015No Steady ToneKD8ZXV
June 2015OperationalKD8ZXV
July 2015OperationalKD8ZXV
November 2015InoperableW8DEV
April 2016InoperableKD8MEF
May 2016InoperableKE8CZX
July 2016OperationalKD8ZXV
March 2017No Up and Down ToneKE8BBD
May 2017No Up and Down ToneKE8BBD