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Siren #:Siren TypeDate Checked:Siren Status
26Federal 2001April 2017No Up and Down Tone
Location:4900 N. Saginaw St
Directions:North Saginaw south of Pierson Rd (0.1mi)
Notes:Atop of pole on North East corner of N. Saginaw & Philadelphia streets
Last CheckedStatusChecked ByComments
June 2011OperationalN8ZP
April 2012OperationalWB8KKZ
July 2012OperationalWB8KKZ
June 2013OperationalN8ZP
June 2014OperationalWB8KKZ
October 2015OperationalKD8ZXV
July 2016OperationalKF8UI
November 2016OperationalW8EOD
April 2017No Up and Down ToneKD8ZXV