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Siren #:Siren TypeDate Checked:Siren Status
46Federal 5November 2017Operational
Location:111 Kurtz St (FTFD)
Directions:M-15 South to M-57 to Center St (0.3mi) Center St. East to Fire Dept on the left (0.1mi)
Notes:Old (black)Stationary (1950's?) Atop of Fire Dept roof. county lists "212 Center St"... may actually be on kurtz.
Last CheckedStatusChecked ByComments
August 2011OperationalKD8NDZ
October 2011OperationalKD8HDZ
April 2012OperationalKD8HDZ
July 2012OperationalKD8LCN
April 2013OperationalKD8LCN
July 2013OperationalKD8LCN
August 2013OperationalKD8PAX
September 2013OperationalKD8PAX
March 2014OperationalW8CCT
April 2014OperationalW8CCT
May 2014OperationalW8CCT
July 2014OperationalKD8PAX
September 2014OperationalKD8PAX
October 2014OperationalKD8PAX
March 2015OperationalW8CCT
June 2015OperationalW8DEV
July 2015OperationalKD8PAX
September 2015OperationalKD8PAX
November 2015OperationalKD8PAX
June 2016OperationalW8CCT
September 2016OperationalKD8PAX
March 2017OperationalW8CCT
May 2017OperationalKD8PAX
November 2017OperationalKD8PAX