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Siren #:Siren TypeDate Checked:Siren Status
53Federal 2001April 2017Operational
Location:4025 E. Hill Rd (Near Center)
Directions:Center Rd & Hill Rd
Notes:Behind apartment complex, Next to Church Take "Holiday Garden Drive (PVT) to get behind apt. or use church lot. try "6055 Holdiday Garden Drive" in your GPS. County provided Lat/Long is not exactly correct.
Last CheckedStatusChecked ByComments
May 2011OperationalKC8OYE
May 2013InoperableN8OSL
August 2013OperationalN8OSL
April 2014OperationalKD8QIP
September 2014OperationalKB8VUF
October 2014OperationalKD8QQC
May 2015OperationalN8OSL
August 2015OperationalW8FNT
March 2016OperationalW8FNT
August 2016No Steady ToneN8OSL
April 2017OperationalKD8PAV