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Siren #:Siren TypeDate Checked:Siren Status
55Federal 2001October 2017Operational
Location:1424 Norfolk Ave
Directions:(off of Hill Rd/I-475) Hill Rd East to Kimberly St Kimberley St North to Norfolk Ave Follow Kimberley st around circle
Notes:Siren is atop of pole at dead-end of Norfolk ave At utility building past end of Norfolk.
Last CheckedStatusChecked ByComments
July 2011OperationalKD8MEF
May 2013InoperableKD8UJJ
August 2013OperationalKD8UJJ
October 2013OperationalKD8MEF
May 2014OperationalKD8GMM
August 2014InoperableKC8OYE
May 2015OperationalW8FNT
August 2015OperationalKD8ZFC
March 2016OperationalKD8MEF
October 2016OperationalW2MSU
May 2017OperationalKD8PAV
October 2017OperationalW2MSU