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Siren #:Siren TypeDate Checked:Siren Status
60Federal 2001November 2017Operational
Location:12037 Morrish Rd (N of Vienna)
Directions:300 ft north of M-57 (Vienna Rod)
Notes:At entrance to subdivision address is per GPS unit find nearest County lists address 12039 Morrish
Last CheckedStatusChecked ByComments
June 2011OperationalW8EOD
July 2011OperationalW8EOD
October 2013No Up and Down ToneWB8DOP
May 2014OperationalKD8QQCMuffled
July 2015OperationalWB8YOB
June 2016OperationalWB8YOB
August 2016OperationalKD8IRG
April 2017OperationalWB8YOB
November 2017OperationalAI8K